Archives for June 2007

What Men Want

This July 2007 Skinny Chef newsletter focuses on more male-focused content such as grilling and men’s health. Try my recipes for Grilled Jalapeno Flank Steak, Grilled Mango with Balsamic Glaze, or pulled pork.

Baking 500 Chocolate Chip Cookies; What Does it Take?

So – just what does it take to make 500 chocolate chip cookies you ask? Well, we’re looking at 50 bags of chocolate chips just for starters.

Secrets of a Private Chef

In a Q+A article in the summer 2007 issue, I talk about my family’s passion for food and how I managed my weight gain without giving up the thing I love most – cooking!

How to Fight Fat

Obesity is such a serious problem in America that it has turned into an epidemic. For me ‘skinny’ or ‘beautiful’ is not about the insane rail-thin standards we see in the press so often, it’s about being a healthy weight for the quality of life, pure and simple.

Back to School Lunches

When it comes to doing well at school, sending your kids off to class with a healthy lunch is one of the best ways to help them. Kids who have excellent nutrition are better able to focus, have more energy, and sleep better at night, and are less prone to being overweight.

What Causes Children to Become Overweight?

Though I have never been morbidly obese, as a pre-teen and teenager, I always struggled with being overweight. Now that we know so much more about nutrition, we’re finding out what I wished I would have known in the 80’s!