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The Curious Cook

Harold McGee writes about the chemistry of food and cooking, as is recognized by many food and science publications as one of the top experts. I love his informative and witty blog, but first discovered his writing from the award-winning book, ‘On Food and Cooking’. Harold left academia to share with us the ever-changing field of food chemistry, luckily for us!

October 2007 Newsletter: Get Ready For Tricks or Treats

When the weather turns, enjoy rich tasting, cool-weather favorites like corn chowder, tuna melt, and mac and cheese without worrying about your waistline! Who said creamy has to equal fat! Watch my myth buster webcast on how I make creamy dishes without all the fat! Listen to cooking tips and recipes from over 50 years as a home cook in the lastest In Granny’s Kitchen podcast.

Why Is Hydration So Important?

Hydration and hunger may not be something you think of in tandem, but you should. Eating meals with high water content allows you to feel full faster; a healthier formula for weight loss than the typical diet equals deprivation. Check out my latest YogaLife video recipe on how to replenish your body and fuel up.

Corn Chowder

Corn makes a sweet and satisfying soup. The potatoes help to thicken the broth without adding any fat. Top it off with low-fat cream cheese to give this soup it’s sinful texture that is so rich and thick, they won’t believe it’s not made with heavy cream. Use the flour for a thick heavy soup or skip it if you want a lighter texture.

Quinoa Crusted Chicken Fingers

Chicken fingers are always a hit for kids but grown-ups will love this version with the added nutrition that quinoa provides. I tested these out on my ‘big kid’ (my husband) as well as my friend Chad’s seven year old son, Luke.

Cherry Chocolate Chip Cookies

These treats made with whole grain flour have a nutty, rich taste that people expect from a home-baked cookie. It’s fun to incorporate healthy whole grain flour into your favorite traditional recipes. I added dried cherries for a twist, but these cookies are just as good as a classic chocolate chip

Super Spices

In this webcast, I’ll show you how to use spices to add dimension to your meals and enjoy the amazing health benefits spices have to offer. This month, my YogaLife video focuses on cardamom.

Creamy = Fat?

There are a lot of myths out there about healthy eating. In this webcast, I bust a popular myth that creamy equals fat. It doesn’t have to when you make it healthy at home! Find out how to make your favorite creamy dishes low-fat and heart friendly in this webcast!