Archives for October 2007

Aroma Bath Oil

Lavender relaxes tension after a long day. Want to stop the sniffles or relieve cold symptoms? Try nature’s cure for congestion by adding this oil to a steamy bath.

November 2007 Newsletter: Getting Ready For Thanksgiving

Want to enjoy your favorite Thanksgiving dishes without packing on the pounds? Don’t go cold turkey – try the skinny version of my holiday favorites like Granny’s moist stuffing, pumpkin bread pudding, and sweet potato mash. Find out Granny’s #1 secret to for a perfect Thanksgiving feast in the latest In Granny’s Kitchen podcast.

Myth Buster: The Five Second Rule

The five second rule is a rule that allows people to feel good after eating something that may or may not have bacteria on it depending on how long it rested on a dirty surface. But, is it true?

Cooking With Spices: Turmeric

Learn to spice things up with healthy cooking on YogaLife! As their resident chef, I’ll show you just how easy it is to add flavor to every-day meals by using spices and foods that heal. This month on Yoga Life, my video features turmeric.