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It’s All About Delicious Foods

Jennifer Iserloh has built a blooming culinary business with multi-media appeal. Her championing of healthy cooking prepared with care and her remarkable culinary training merit her in-demand status in television, print, and the internet.

About Skinny Chef

I grew up in a home were everyone loved food. Raised on my Granny’s home-cooked meals, handmade from produce and fresh herbs grown in our own garden, we all ate very well – only, we just ate too much!

Healthy Living

Everyone wants that healthy glow, and face it, eating right, exercise, and stress reduction can make you feel good and look great! Sorry folks, it’s not just about a quick fix, a pill, or an energy drink, being healthy it a lifestyle choice.

Ask Skinny Chef

No matter where I go or who I meet, I’ve noticed one thing – people love to learn about food and health! Ever wonder about those food myths and if they are really true? Have a healthy cooking question? Now’s your chance to find out!

Whole Wheat Crepes

If you can make pancakes, you can definitely make crepes! I know that they might seem fancy, but they are incredibly versatile and can be served with both savory and sweet fillings and store extremely well.

Superfoods –

In this article published on, I show how to swap empty-calorie ingredients with potent and flavorful superfoods that can pack two to three times as many nutrients as their counterparts. The result? A slimmer, sexier and more beautiful you.