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September 2008 Newsletter

Summer is coming to a close soon and kids will be back in school. Maintaining a healthy eating routine is the best way to retain your summer bathing suit bod. Read in Jennifer’s September 2008 newsletter about her recent appearance on Better TV and her role on 350 F – One Hot Cooking Show.

It’s A Wrap – Here Are The Winners

The first set of episodes from the new web series 350 Degrees – One Hot Cooking Show aired over the past three weeks on General Mill’s – and I am sure you’ve enjoyed the mayhem and cooking challenges that my fellow judges and I were asked to supervise.

Cooking With Superfoods

In a wide-ranging discussion with Better TV’s Audra Lowe, Jennifer highlighted her tips on cooking with readily available superfoods – watch the segment, and get her six recipes for popsicles, cupcakes and salsa!

Kids Follow Parents' Lead on Fruits and Vegetables

Parents who want their preschoolers to eat their fruits and vegetables should probably practice what they preach, a new study suggests. The findings also suggest that educating parents on nutrition early on could help address the problem of childhood obesity, the researchers say.

Confusion from Food Allergy Warnings

It’s one of the biggest frustrations of life with food allergies: That hodgepodge of warnings that a food might accidentally contain the wrong ingredient.

The Last Lecture

The last lecture Randy Pausch gave – ‘Really Achieving Your Childhood Dreams’ – was about the importance of overcoming obstacles, of enabling the dreams of others, of seizing every moment (because ‘time is all you have…and you may find one day that you have less than you think’).

350F – One Hot Cooking Show

In this first challenge, contestants are given the task of creating a unique pan of brownies to serve 12 friends at an impromptu BBQ. They have access to special ingredients, but not the directions or the recipe. They’ve been blacked out. Now that’s a challenge!

Skinny Chef Meets Betty Crocker?

Ever wonder what baking at the Betty Crocker test kitchens is like? Find out by watching the new web series called ‘350 Degrees – One Hot Cooking Show’! I’ll be your host judge along with the talented Chef David Fhima and the glorious Kitchen Diva.