Archives for October 2008

US Diabetes Rate Exploding

The nation’s obesity epidemic is exacting a heavy toll: The rate of new diabetes cases caused by overweight and obesity nearly doubled in the United States in the past 10 years according to a new study by CDC’s Karen Kirtland.

Food Styling in Paris

Paris is a city that a food lover can never tire of – seriously. It’s incredibly well equipped when it comes to the small pleasures in life, sipping delectable wines, nibbling artisanal cheese, doing a little shopping, or simply strolling along the Seine.

Low-Cal Comfort Foods

Why is comfort food so good and why can it actually be good for you? In this segment on ‘Better TV’, Jennifer showcased comfort food classics like mac and cheese and chili and explains how you can satisfy your comfort food cravings the skinny way.

October 2008 Newsletter

Now that the summer holidays are over and everyone is back to their usual work routines, it is the perfect time to make healthy habits part of that routine. Learn how to cook healthy meals on a budget, find out about great tips for healthy entertaining, and settle in with a new healthy cookbook.