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Low Fat Hot Cocoa Five Delicious Ways

Treating yourself to a warm drink is one of the best ways to warm up when you’ve come in from cold weather and also a chance to address cravings without overdoing it on calories and fat. Today, I was craving something chocolatey, so I thought I’d brew a steamy cup of cocoa and experiment!

Skinny Chef on AOL Food

Do you enjoy the Skinny Chef blog, but look for more to chew on? Well, now you can get ‘the skinny’ two places since I’ve teamed up with AOL Food! I’ll still be dishing up all the food, fun and health news on my Skinny Chef blog, but also share fresh fare at AOL’s Slashfood.

No Cash for the Gym?

Want to find a way to relax and get a workout at the same time without investing in a pricey gym membership? Spend some time with yourself and start developing a home yoga practice.

The Food Was Pure Poetry

Can food be poetry? Poetry is a way to capture something that is so difficult to do – explain human emotion in writing. Changing one word in a piece of poetry can alter the entire experience. And the same holds true in the creation of fine cuisine: changing one ingredient can brighten the dish or make the flavor clash in sour dissonance.

Easy Ways to Ease Sinus Pain

If you suffer from sinus pressure the way I do, then you know it’s a nagging winter affliction that you dread at the first snowfall. Sometimes, you feel like finding relief isn’t possible without some form of medication though I found out that you don’t necessarily have to resort to medicine for a reprieve.

Yoga Music

Music lifts the spirits and fills your surroundings with a positive vibe – and is another great way to help you relax or have a yoga practice. Here are my favorites, also available as an iMix from the iTunes store.


Vanilla bean is a quintessential flavoring that has been prized for centuries by countless cultures for its complex creamy, yet sometimes spicy flavor. Find out more about its history, health benefits and quick and delicious uses for the vanilla bean.

March 2009 Newsletter

March is the month when I start to crave warmer weather and sunny afternoons. With cold temperatures and brisk winds keeping us indoors, it’s the perfect chance to catch up on some reading that you won’t have time for when outdoor summer sports and barbeque weather kicks in.