Archives for May 2009

Cleaning the Waffle Iron

Did you know that fresh blueberries really stick to a non-stick waffle iron? It shouldn’t be the case, but that’s what I discovered this week. I don’t use my wafffle iron that much, but here’s how I dealt with the burned-berry mess…

Start Out on the Right Foot

Often when I first wake up, I start to mull over an imaginary ‘to do list’ that is far larger than what one human being can accomplish in one day. Then I make my second mistake of the morning…

Cooking with Spice

In my opinion, the number one reason to use spices in your food – beyond adding plenty of flavor with no fat or sugar – is that most spices contain compounds that work as powerful anti-inflammatory agents. So escape your comfort zone and try some of the more ‘exotic’ spices!

Baked Tomatoes with Grapes

I was recently leafing through Michele Scicolone’s cookbook ‘The Antipasto Table’, coming across a recipe that I tried over seven years ago… and yes, it sounds like a bizarre combo.

Flat Screen TV

Tears of joy for my husband and the newest addition to our family. At first glance, I thought ‘what is this monster?’ But I admit, I’m a bit mesmerized with the crispness – the sheer definition and detail!

You Can Be A Lion Too

I know it’s ridiculous, but every time I see the youtube video of ‘Christian The Lion’, I still get so teary eyed. I just finished the accompanying book, ‘A Lion Named Christian’, which gives you the background of how two brave young Australians manage to not only raise a very socialable lion, but also reintroduce him into the wilds of Africa.

Sweet Spice O’ Mine

Spices and flavoring are essential to give foods the added complexity that makes for a fantastic tasting experience. In my latest AOL blog post, I share my thoughts on three sweet spices that really kick butt.

Healthy Eating Tips: Grilling Refresh

Everyone could use a little help with healthier eating – as part of my latest video feature on AOL Food, I share my fresh tips for outdoor eating – so that the grilling season doesn’t derail your healthy eating habits!