Archives for June 2009

Celebrating 4th of July

With 4th of July coming up this weekend, many people are going to invite their friends and family over for BBQ. Grilling is one of my favorite summer-time activities, so I wanted to reintroduce a healthier burger option: turkey burgers!

Artificial Sweeteners Revisited

Constantly keeping an eye on news about food additives and artificial sweeteners, several recent reports on stevia – a newly approved ‘natural’ sweetener – peaked my interest: Is a chemical sweetener isolated from Stevia leaves really ‘natural’?

Bacon’s Bad Rap?

Bacon is a delicious treat, no doubt. It adds a lot of flavor to everything from your favorite breakfast to gourmet chocolates, and is a perfect match for refried beans. But, just how unhealthy is bacon, and could bacon be part of a healthy diet?

True Blood and Lasagna

Joining our neighbors for home-made lasagna the other night, we watched an episode of the HBO hit-series ‘True Blood’. As we were eating, it occurred to me that vampires and good lasagna have several things common!

Eat Around Food Allergies

With food allergies more prevalent than ever, how can you eat around the eight problematic food items that are responsible for 90% of all incidences? Here’s easy ways to still enjoy the flavors of the foods you love – itch and scratch free!

The Artist’s Way to Healthy Living

When I changed careers to become a chef, I was feeling pretty daunted, and one of my friends recommended to pick up a copy of Julia Cameron’s ‘An Artists Way’. It’s been one of my favorites ever since, so applied one of her chapters to becoming the healthier you.

Is Butter Better?

Nothing smells better than melted butter – and many readers ask why don’t I use butter in my recipes more often. Is butter really bad? Or could it be better as some of the latest health trends indicate?

Dietary Supplements Explained

When I first posted on dietary supplements, one of my readers asked about resveratrol and what to look out for when considering different brands. It’s an interesting question, so let me explain my thoughts on the topic.