Archives for October 2009

Is Pizza Bad for You?

Pizza is one of those international foods that has become an American classic. But a lot of people consider pizza to be ‘junk or fast food’. But how bad is it for you, really? And how can you make a simple, mess-free, healthier version?

Fall Entertaining, Do Ahead Healthy Tips

Entertaining is one of the many ways I celebrate and enjoy eating healthy meals. Sharing something delicious that is also nourishing can be a great way to gather friends and family around the dinner table without too much fuss in the kitchen.

Halloween Party Pasta

I love to host a party around Halloween time – dressing up is optional, eating is a must! And every year I’m reminded of a story my Granny tells at Halloween – she is the queen of holiday celebrations and always had plenty of food, decorations and guests.

Quinoa Risotto

Risotto is prized for its creamy texture and rich taste. Quinoa is naturally creamy and makes a lighter, whole grain version of this popular Italian comfort food. Spinach adds extra nutrition and flavor.

Orange Sherbet

This healthy version of orange sherbet reminds me of the ‘push-up’ pops I used to have as a kid that were filled with creamy sherbet, refreshingly cool during the hot summer months.

A No Carve Pumpkin for Halloween

I was doing some internet searches on carving pumpkins and I came across this cute idea on stenciling. So if you’re interested, stencil your pumpkin for Halloween and then cook it a few days later, waste not want not!

Ramen Noodles the Right Way

Ramen noodles are the college student’s best friend – they’re cheap, filling and taste great. But what happens when you graduate from college and want to start making smarter, and even better-tasting choices?

Look Slimmer with Perfect Posture

When I was a teenager, I was a real ‘slumping sally’ and had the worst posture ever. As I’ve gotten older, I really see the importance of having good posture – it is much more important to your health than just being ‘proper’.