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Pick The Right Party Food

This is the season for sweets and treats, so I am happy to share with you my tips for healthy holiday snacks. Check out three of my treats in the December 2009 issue of Seventeen magazine…

Four Fast Tomato Sauces

What’s the key to a quick and tasty, light tomato sauce? It’s not sleight of hand – it all has to do with the way you cook your ingredients! Simple tomato sauces are so easy to make and they can taste so much better than the jarred, store-bought alternatives.

December 2009 Newsletter

For me, the holiday season is about sharing delicious home-made food, decorating, and inviting neighbors over to share a plate of cookies and a simple holiday toast. Download my latest booklet full of healthy holiday recipes and time-saving tips that help you make your next party a success.

How To Make Poppy Seed Roll

Dessert rolls, also called ‘Swiss rolls,’ are cakes or pastries of yeast bread with one or more fillings, either poppy seed or fruit. While still delicious and satisfying, these desserts rely more on texture, flavors and aromas rather than on high amounts of fat and sugar.