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Barnes & Noble Book Club Review

Last week, Amy Zavatto reviewed ‘Secrets of a Skinny Chef’ for the Barnes and Noble Book Club. As so many other dieters, she wholeheartedly agreed with the Skinny Chef philosophy: ‘It’s not about being skinny, but rather about ‘Everything in moderation!” as well as good, real ingredients while packing in a lot of flavor.

SC on Breakfast Television

Earlier this week I was on Toronto’s Breakfast Television, showing host Jennifer Valentyne three fabulous and very quick recipes from my ‘Secrets of a Skinny Chef’ book to start your day on the right foot.

Mom’s Request: Fast and Vegetarian Meals

The best way to get your kids to enjoy vegetables and crave them later in life, is to make recipes that are vegetable based that can become part of your family’s dinner time favorites. This post is dedicated to busy moms always on the hunt for tasty meals that can satisfy both parents and children.

Readers Recipe Twists

Making tweaks to my healthy recipes is a great way to put your own special spin on a meal and enjoy eating healthy foods! Check out this suggestion from faithful reader and friend Albert….

Skinny Chef On Skinny Scoopers

Listen in to my chat with Chris & Lisa of Skinny Scoopers about my healthy twists to create the most decadent and healthy recipes that still keep the pounds off the scale.

Versatile Crepes

When I was hosting my cookbook party launch a few weeks ago, my ‘top chef’ challenge was to turn several of my meat-centric recipes from the book into super flavorful, bite sized appetizers that would wow my vegetarian guests who are also serious food lovers. The result? Whole wheat crepes with delicious fillings!

Delicious Ice Cream Made Easy

Healthy cooking can taste good when you use lighter, high quality ingredients – check out my easy tips for dreamy, lighter ice creams with little or no preservatives…

April 2010 Newsletter

Come check out the latest news from last month, plus pictures from the launch party of ‘Secrets of a Skinny Chef’. In addition to plenty of media appearances, I also managed to release a new digital booklet ‘Tips For Busy Moms’ with fabulous recipes and quick, healthy solutions.