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Kitchen Daily

Check out my latest posts on AOL’s KitchenDaily, which I haven’t highlighted in quite a while: Healthier ramen noodles and a Halloween-inspired recipe.

More Really Big Healthy Snacks

Here’s another installment of the ‘really big healthy snack’ theme: Now that I’ve been in the swing of my slightly tweaked, new exercise routine, I’ve found that I needed additional snacks. So here’s my solution based on a truly amazing Serrano ham pizza…

Last Day To Register

Who else wants to lose weight by eating great tasting foods? I have been invited to conduct a training class tomorrow, Tuesday (10/26/2010) at 9:00 PM (EST). Learn more about the class topics and how to register for free…

Healthy Pizza

In this third episode of the brandnew LiveStrong video series, I am applying my healthy makeover skills to a tomato and basil pizza complete with a satisfying crust – so you can see that pizza doesn’t have to be high-calorie to be flavorful.

Fast and Flavorful Side Dish

Oftentimes when I plan a meal, I like to center it around the vegetable instead of adding on a veggie side dish as an afterthought. But when time is tight, I like to turn the side dishes below into complete meals – simply by adding some chopped, cooked chicken, a baked piece of fish and a chunky slice of toasted whole grain baguette or country style bread.

Really Big Healthy Snacks

What do you do when you feel a little hungrier than normal but don’t want to load up on an extra meal’s worth of calories? Going hungry isn’t an option, so my mission over the next few weeks is to make a series of big, filling snacks with less calories. Check out Big Snack #1…

Asian Chicken & Broccoli

In this second episode of the brandnew LiveStrong video series, I am applying my healthy makeover skills to an Asian chicken and broccoli dish – so you can enjoy the comfort of takeout without the high levels of sodium, sugars or calories…

October 2010 Newsletter

The fall season is full of fun holidays where food is certainly the focal point! Candy corns, chocolate treats and caramel apple for Halloween can be tempting treats. But Halloween doesn’t have to be scary when it comes to health when you enjoy treats in moderation and make them yourself.