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Make Your Own Soda

I was having lunch with a good friend last week – an avid runner that eats a nutritious diet based primarily on fresh veg and lean protein. As the waitress approached, she nervously shuffled her menu and suddenly blurted out, ‘I have a soda addiction!’ I couldn’t help but giggle at her guilty confession, her ‘dark’ sugary secret. Goodness knows I’ve struggled with soda and sugar addiction myself, so I totally understand how hard it can be to kick it. But beyond the feelings we might attach to soda or sugar habits, let’s take a closer took at the pros and cons of soda.

Thanksgiving Side Dishes

In this special episode of the LiveStrong video series, I’ll highlight two traditional side dishes for Thanksgiving, Sweet Potato Casserole and Creamed Spinach and how to make them healthier without compromising on taste.

November 2010 Newsletter

For me, the holiday season is about sharing delicious home-made food, decorating, and inviting neighbors over to share a plate of cookies and a simple holiday toast. Download my latest booklets full of healthy holiday recipes and time-saving tips that help you make your next party a success. And if you haven’t been in a while to my site, this is the time: I’ve just taken the wraps off my brandnew website and video series…

Kaffir Lime

Kaffir lime has a bumpy, rippled skin that smells like a cross between lemongrass and lime. It gives Thai curries their pungent tang and Tom Yum soup the crowning touch of fragrance that makes this traditional soup so special. It’s the secret ingredient to one of my favorite dishes…

Chicken Under A Brick

I’ve always been curious about this dish, but the need to locate a brick in the middle of a city kept me from attempting it. Well, until now. In my latest post on AOL’s KitchenDaily I share my thoughts behind the dish, along with my recipe plus nutritional stats.

Turkey Bacon vs. Pork Bacon

I often get asked why I choose turkey bacon for recipes and breakfast, given that turkey bacon is slightly higher in sodium compared to pork bacon. But while sodium content is an important aspect, there’s more to consider.

Fix Your Kids' Bad Eating Habits (And Your Own!)

A lot of parents feel powerless to change their kids’ bad eating habits, and most kids have a biological craving for sweet, salt, and fat (and so do adults). And many times, kids get a hankering for fast food, candy, soda and other foods they taste at school, parties, or even in a second-hand way by watching television commercials. But don’t despair!