Archives for January 2011

Do Diets EVER Work?

Do diets ever work? A new study just out in the ‘Journal of Nutrition’ suggests focusing on weight loss can actually lead to weight gain and even can have negative affects on overall health. Co-authors Linda Bacon and Lucy Aphramor cite evidence from almost 200 studies on what to do instead…

Nachos Grande

A grande platter of nachos doesn’t have to ruin your waistline come Superbowl Sunday, especially when you use ground turkey, pureed vegetables and part-skim mozzarella as the topping. Bake a batch of these satisfying nachos, accompanied by pickled jalapeno salsa in this tenth episode of ‘Food Courting’.

Red Hot Buffalo Chicken Wings

Red hot Buffalo chicken wings can pack a punch without packing on the pounds, and a low-fat blue cheese dressing is the perfect condiment to cool them down. Make sure you’ll watch this ninth episode of ‘Food Courting’ in time for Super Bowl.

5 Hottest New Food Trends = Healthier?

I was reading an article from the ‘Washington Examiner’ on the five hottest new food trends for 2011 and I was excited when I saw what they were! No cupcakes, whoopie pies or gourmet hamburgers in sight!

Chili Dog and Side Salad

Join me for a date to learn about everyday healthy cooking. In this seventh episode of ‘Food Courting’, we’re making chili dogs and a healthy low-fat side salad that are both filling and friendly to the waistline. Check out what vegetables go into the chili mix…

Be My Guest

No matter where I go or who I meet, I’ve noticed one thing – people really do love to learn about food and want to know more about health. But understanding the intricacies of nutrition and exploring the ever-changing world of food and medicine can be complicated, so join me for a free question+answer session…

10 Commandments of Eating Better

During my last webinar, I had an interesting question – and it started me thinking about the ‘Do’s and Don’ts for healthy eating and revamping bad eating habits. So here are some no-nonsense commandments that should stick with any truly healthy eater…

4 Ways To Wow Your Valentine

Download this booklet with delicious and romantic ideas for Valentine’s Day – I put together this guide with smart, easy and cute ideas to make your Valentine’s Day an extra special day to remember for years to come…