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Getting Back to Beer

I was contacted by one of my readers, a life long beer lover, who has developed a severe allergy to barley and hops. He asked if there were any alternatives that might satisfy his beer craving. I did a little research and received this informative e-mail…

Secrets of Women Who Never Seem To Age

Reading about the rags to riches story of Sandra Lee, my husband asked about the secrets for aging gracefully. So what exactly are the secrets of women who never seem to age?

'Active Calorie Diet' Available Now

The ‘Active Calorie Diet’ is a brandnew book that I worked on with the health experts at Prevention last year. It’s not about what you need to take out of your diet – it’s about what you need to put into it. And that’s how I arrived at fat-burning dishes that combine delectable fare with fat burning power built right into your meals…

Become Your Own Top Chef

“Writing Yoga” by Bruce Black is a really encouraging read about journaling, yoga as transformation and in general how writing can help you face your fears. I started to think about how his words related to the “fear of cooking” and how getting over your fear of cooking is much like getting over the fear of a lot of things – bungee jumping, public speaking, and writing.

More About Wine

I promised in my post last Monday on to share more about wine from a cook’s perspective… especially how to buy, store and pair wines. Plus, I have a special tip on one of my favorite sources on everything wine.

Wine Makes Food Taste Great

For many people, wine may seem like a luxury item, to be enjoyed by the knowledgeable connoisseur or foodies with deep pockets along with restaurant chefs. What’s all the whoopee over wine?

Get Over Your Fear of Cooking!

So many people say to me ‘I can’t cook!’ When I look at them incredulously, they confess ‘Ok… I am scared to cook!’ If that sounds like you, keep reading. And if you have your own advice to dispense, share it with the rest of the Skinny Chef readership…