Archives for July 2011

Fried Green Tomatoes

Green tomatoes are a staple in the American diet and their flavor takes center stage in most meals Americans love. Get your fix with new ways to cook these beauties…

The Economics Of America’s Favorite Food

What are Americans saying about their favorite burger, and what are some of the mind-boggling (economic) statistics behind burger consumption in the US? In this recent infographic, you’ll learn about fascinating tid-bits and trivia…

Glycemic Index Charts

The glycemic index is a measure of the effects that certain foods have on blood sugar levels. If you predominantly eat carbs with a high-glycemic index, it can make it virtually impossible to lose weight, so find out the glycemic index for food items such as bread, cereals, fruits and vegetables…

Cherry Upside-Down Cake

As a kid, I hated upside down cakes covered with masses of sticky glazed pineapple. Feared by many, it always popped up on buffet tables at family gatherings. I’ve never been a big fan of canned fruit since, so my upside down version is made with a thick, rich homemade filling of fresh cherries that is simple and superb.

Cutting Carbs To Lose Weight

Many readers write to me with questions about carbs in connection with weight, specifically if they should be cutting fat or cutting carbs to lose weight. Here’s the lowdown, plus five easy ways to cut back on carbs if you find most of your meals center around bread, pasta, and rice.

How To Cook Pork Roast So It Stays Juicy

Pork loin is lean, tender, and easy to cook. Because it’s low in fat most people have tendency to overcook it, so I want to share how professional chefs deal with this problem. Plus, this dish is also delicious cold – so make a double portion for sandwiches or a quick dinner served with salad…

What Supplements Should I Take?

The FDA issued new safety rules for vitamins in 2007. But what about other supplements besides multivitamins? I’ve read and heard quite a bit about all sorts of ‘natural’ alternative remedies, so I want to talk about those today.

Where Does Our Food Come From?

As a staunch label reader, I was both delighted and afraid of what I saw with the FDA labeling requirements that kicked into effect a few years back. For the first time, the law required meat and other products to list their country of origin.