Archives for August 2011

Grapefruit Is Nature's Weight Loss Food

Juicy, tart, sweet, and refreshing, delicious grapefruit keeps you beautiful, inside and out! I use it in my kitchen because it’s easy to find year round and I love its versatile flavor. Plus, it helps when you want to lose weight.

Entwine: A New Wine That Pairs Itself

Partnering up with Wente California Vineyards, the Food Network recently launched their new line of wines under the ‘Entwine’ label. During the launch party, I had the chance to meet up with Karl Wente, 5th-generation wine maker.

Healthy School Lunch Ideas

Kids can be really picky about what they eat, and most kids eat with their eyes. Making healthy lunches for your kids shouldn’t be a chore, and my yummy foods look fun and are sized just for them, no cooking experience necessary!

How To Get Rid of Belly Fat?

Did you know that stress may be the reason for the extra weight around your middle? In response to stress, your body produces many hormones and one in particular, cortisol, will send you rummaging for ice cream or other high-calorie foods to replenish the energy your body believes it spent handling a stressful event. But help is near!

What is Ayurveda?

Ayurveda, a 5000-year-old medical system created by the wise men of ancient India, gives detailed instructions on how to treat the body, improve the mind, and find balance in our changing environment. It’s what’s front and center in my book, ‘The Yoga Body Diet’.

Can You Change a Bad Eating Habit?

Why don’t people change their bad habits if all it takes is just a little will power? Could the vampires of ‘True Blood’ fame really forsake their bad eating habits so to speak?

Finding True Love

British men are brushing up on their skills in the kitchen in hopes of capturing the lady of their dreams! I’m wondering what really happens once these men dazzle their ladies in the kitchen. Are they really ready to commit – to cooking that is?

What's Your Comfort Food?

World peace isn’t on the way anytime soon, but here’s my plan for a little peacefulness we can all experience, right now. Take refuge with family, friends, and the people you love.