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Skinny Chef 2012 – Please Complete Survey

With 2012 just around the corner, I wanted to thank you for making a respected destination for healthy cooking, super-tasty recipes and your weekly dose of healthy living ideas. Yet, I want to tailor the site even more to what you’re looking for – so I want to hear your input on the direction that you think Skinny Chef should be heading in 2012.

Granny’s Holiday Baking Recipes & Easy Holiday Cookies

Granny is an extremely skilled baker who loved to spoil her family with home-made holiday treats. She would start baking three weeks before Christmas to be sure that we had plenty of holiday cookie varieties, teaching me a few of her insider baking tips and tricks along the way.

What Sumos Eat

Did you know that Sumo wrestlers consume upwards of 4500 calories every day? I’ve never been big on counting calories daily since it takes a lot of effort and seems to take away from the experience of enjoying a meal. But I’ll share with you five easy ways to cut back on calories by eating foods that also happen to taste great!