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Cinco de Mayo Menu

I’ll take any excuse to celebrate with food and friends, so I’ll enjoy Cinco de Mayo every year. The best (and healthiest) way to celebrate is to throw a potluck bash, simply let your guests choose one recipe from the menu to prepare. Plan to have one drink out at the beginning of your celebration or end your evening in your favorite local watering hole so you won’t be accused of being a home body!

NYC Green Festival, It's Fresh

Marking Earth Day, I attended the 2012 NYC Green Festival – featuring the latest trends in fresh foods, health and beverages (including new fresh teas, organic wines), green gadgets, and natural beauty — get my take on two memorable vendors, ‘Chia Mamma’ and ‘Green Changes’…

9 Surprising Things That Diets Get Wrong

It’s prime weight loss season and I’ve been reading a lot of diet news lately. But there is a flipside to many new theories that have definite cons when it comes to losing weight, in fact they might even surprise you how they can sabotage your efforts! So here are 9 weightloss wisdoms as you head out onto your new quest.

How To Get Kids to Eat Healthy Food They Hate

When it comes to eating healthy whole foods, take vegetables for example, I believe that the recipe or the preparation make all the difference in the world. This is especially true when you’re introducing a new food to your kids or trying to get an adult excited about an ingredients that has a lot of health benefits. Here are my 10 top recipes to getting kids to eat the foods they typically hate, that will also work with picky adults!

Strawberry Ice Cream With Balsamic Drizzle

In this video of my new HEALTHY CHEATS video series, I’ll make homemade strawberry ice cream with a balsamic drizzle. Quite a decadent treat when you see how it all comes together!

Plan Your Easter Menu

Deep purple crocuses and grape hyacinth remind me that Spring is already here and fresh seasonal produce is just around the corner. Need a little help with you Easter menu? Try some of my traditional favorites along mixed in with fresh ideas.