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Eating Habits Are Contagious

Check out this awesome infographic on how the people around us influence what we eat: Obesity and healthiness can be contagious…

What Topics Would You Like To Hear About?

Earlier today, I was in the studios in New York City to tape the first 10 segments of my upcoming radio show. Of course, I would love to hear from you about specific topics and questions that you want me to cover.

Could It Be Orthorexia?

Most people working in the health field have some familiarity with disorders such as anorexia, bulimia, and emotional overeating, but few could imagine that there is another disorder on the horizon that could tax to your time and mind, and have potential health implications as well.

Secrets of a Skinny Chef Class [Pics]

Nearly 60 folks braved the weather yesterday and attended my sold-out class at the Institute of Culinary Education, learning about superfoods and how to turn them into scrumptious meals… check out the pics!

Show The Love With Homemade Desserts

Valentine’s Day is a time to let loose and shower your loved ones with love and tempting treats. But just because you want to spoil them with delicious eats, it doesn’t mean you have to spoil their New Year’s resolution to eat better – download my free booklet to find out how…

What’s Your Greatest Challenge With Healthy Eating?

During a recent seminar, I asked participants about their greatest challenges when it comes to healthy eating. Mind you, I asked about healthy ‘eating’ — but for many, healthy eating was inextricably linked to healthy ‘cooking’… here’s my prescriptions!

Why Superfood Sauces?

During the development of the Skinny Chef Superfood Sauces, a lot of my neighbors and friends asked about superfoods – not surprising given that they occupy such a prominent role in my new line of sauces. Here’s why….

Skinny Chef Superfood Sauces

People should be healthy and love the food they’re eating. How do we get there? It’s easy. We need to start cooking more in our own kitchens! That’s why last year, I embarked on a new project to bring out my own line of sauces!