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10 Easy Ways to Celebrate Christmas

If you’re Santa’s little helper — in charge of cooking, shopping, and organizing the festivities every year — Christmas can feel like humbug. So here are 10 easy ways to make the season a lot simpler and usher in the good cheer!

Chocolate Toffee Grahams

These are a fast and simple treat, adapted from a recipe my granny used to make. Fun and fast, it’s the ideal recipe to make for an impromptu party or an easy, rewarding project to do with kids.

Healthy Christmas Cookies

Christmas cookies are a fun, time-honored tradition that so many of us big kids crave. But how do you tackle the cookies without ruining your diet? And how do you manage to squeeze in time for baking?

Getting Your Child to Love Whole Grains

Parents want their kids to eat healthy – and as a professional recipe developer I’ve developed a sizeable arsenal of tricks to get kids to love any food — even whole grains!

7 Top Foods For Your Kid

Getting kids to eat right can be a challenge, especially when families are running on a tight schedule! So here are seven foods that do double time — kids love them and they are super healthy!