The Perfect Use For Mint

cooking with mintMint is prized throughout the Mediterranean, used in honeyed desserts, sprinkled liberally on savory dishes and used to brew the sweetest tea. In Morocco, it’s even used as an air freshener as locals stroll through the streets of the market place and stuff leaves unto their nostrils to block out strong odors.

Mint has a refreshing taste that almost everyone likes. It goes well with savories and sweets alike – fruit, frozen yogurt, chocolate pudding, lamb, peas, cucumbers and tea – just to name a few. Mint is well known as a breath freshener as well as a stomach tonic when brewed as a tea.

Herbs have been delighting cooks for centuries, but did you know that herbs are a dieter’s dream? They’re fat free, very low in calories, packed with flavor and also have other added health benefits. Learning to cook with mint and other herbs is so easy, with a snip of the scissor you can add them to your favorite meal.

Last year, I wrote a basic guide on many of my favorites herbs to help add health and fresh flavors to your meals – and cooking with mint was one of the topics.

In my latest post on AOL Food, I reveal one of my favorite Mediterranean flavor combos – mint and tomato – tossed together in a light, savory sauce. Check out my recipe for Spaghetti with Mint Leaves!

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