5 Hottest New Food Trends = Healthier?

Hottest Food Trends Are HealthierI was reading an article from the Washington Examiner on the five hottest new food trends for 2011 and I was excited when I saw what they were! No cupcakes, whoopie pies or gourmet hamburgers in sight!

Trend 1 | Ethnic

Exotic ethnic ingredients are coming into fashion, including grains and fruits. As long as they are healthy, whole foods, like quinoa for example, I say the more the merrier. Trying new foods will not only make homemade meals interesting, but they can also make you a more daring and experienced cook.

Trend 2 | Local

Locally produced vegetables and fruit just taste better. It’s always grown in season, has a short trip to get to market and last up to two weeks longer in your fridge. Support your local farmers whenever you can and research some seasonal recipes to highlight your farmer’s market finds.

Trend 3 | Artisan

I love this one because “artisan” is about hand-made, high quality food, something that I’m a huge fan of. Food made with better quality ingredients, a lot more love, and a healthy dose of respect – who could ask for more?

Trend 4 | Minimal

Restaurants are into serving dishes on smaller plates and serving smaller portions. Great news for your waistline and reshaping the way you eat out and how you eat at home. Simple meals with a minimal amount of processing are healthier, can taste fresher, and be prepared quicker.

Trend 5 | Sustainable

Overfishing, the high cost of raising beef, and pollution caused by poor farming practices are certainly taking their toll on our oceans, land, and air. Many chefs are serving less meat in their restaurants. Eating more vegetables and smaller portions of meat is a great idea. For one, the average American gets double the amount of protein they need every day, but people tend to skimp on veggies.

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