Recipe Combining

tasteI have my go-to recipes, especially when it comes to desserts – but I also like to mix up my routine with plenty of variety. That’s one thing I really admired about my Granny’s cooking growing up – she never confined herself to the same, limited list of recipes.

She liked to shake it up to make dinner time more exciting and satisfying. One easy way is to fuse two parts of a recipe to make a new tasty treat. In this case, I combined the sour cream dough from my rich sour cream cookies and the filling from the Hungarian nut roll. Just cut the filling in half and follow the instructions for the sour cream dough, simply replacing the nut filling for the raisin filling with the same procedure.

But you don’t have to limit your recipe combining to desserts alone. Try combining your favorite sauce or salsa and switch up the protein, typically chicken to fish works well. Tired of the same old side of veg? Try using a new sauce or topping, like the orange butter I use on my snow pea recipe and use it on spinach or broccoli.

Need help perfecting your own recipe combos?

Need help perfecting your own recipe combos? Just write in on the comment box provided below and I’ll email you my take on the dish.

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