4 Health Foods That Ain’t Fads

Jennifer Iserloh in Huffington Post

Remember the “fat-free” baked good craze? Or the fairly recent acai pandemonium?

People naturally become skeptical when foods are overhyped in the media, but there are plenty of health foods that are not fads — no matter how much the media raves about them.

But just like every media darling, these foods are better when paired with equally-impressive partners. These pairs have real chemistry — a sort of molecular magic happens and their healing antioxidants become more readily absorbed or become exponentially more potent. Sort of like the Brangelina effect!

In my article that appeared in the Huffington Post today, I talk about four powerful superfoods that are here to stay and share three delicious (and of course healthy) recipes that put the synergestic interaction into practice: Chocolate Kale Fudge Pop, Kale-onaise, Kaleslaw, and Beef Burger with Grilled Kale (recipes are from my latest cookbook Fifty Shades of Kale).

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  1. Nersess says:

    You are right! There are foods that are healthy and beneficial !

  2. @Jennifer, you did a good work trying to convince particularly skeptical and cynical readers like me. As far as I was concerned, many of these foods were nothing but fads, hypes that the mass media would force down our throats by all means. However, reading your piece has forced me to actually look at the whole thing from another angle and have a better idea of the positive sides. By giving a very detailed insight into the advantages of many of these foods, you won over people like me with your scientific approach to issues. Now, I think I will appreciate kale, dark chocolate and turmeric more.

    • Jennifer Iserloh says:

      Wow Allan!

      Thanks for this, you made my day. I feel these foods need an advocate and I’m so glad you read the article. I’ve been able to turn my own health issues around by enjoying them and teaching others how to cook with them.

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