Natural Weight Loss

Posts in this section cover natural weight loss tips and strategies, as well as easy ways to maintain your desired weight. Of course, the Skinny Chef philosophy is not about being "skinny" per se, it is about being at the weight that's right for your body!

Grassfed Burger with Collards [Video]

In this video, I showcase my tricks to cook a healthier grassfed beef burger in a collard warp that’s also lower in calories compared to a bistro style burger.

3 Ways to Feel More Confident and Look Better

Girl on the beach

Having confidence and feeling good in your skin isn’t necessarily just about your weight. There are many other simple ways to give yourself TLC that could make all the difference in your confidence level and how you interact with others.

14-Day Kickstarter Weight Loss Plan


Too many people go ill-prepared on their new journey to permanent weight loss… and because of this, their success rate is radically lower than what it could otherwise be. Here’s how to make your New Year’s resolutions last longer than a mere week…

Healthy Cheats For Natural Weight Loss


‘Healthy Cheats’ showcases the Skinny Chef approach to natural weight loss. This video explains what’s in my new book out on Amazon, and how you can get the free bonus materials.

Empty Calories From Alcohol Vs. Soda?


A new study found that Americans consume almost as many empty calories from alcohol than from sodas. Read more about the research involving more than 11,000 people across the country on the foods and drinks they consumed in a typical day..

Kickstarting Natural Weight Loss

Natural Weight Loss

Once we are overweight, we typically want to slim down for many reasons, some obviously related to health, others related to how we look. Most health experts would agree that the significance of excess weight is more than cosmetic – it takes a huge toll on people’s physical and emotional health.

How to Get Rid of Belly Fat

How To Lose Belly Fat

Whether you’re on the path to losing weight or just trying to take off 10, belly fat is usually the last to come off. Biologically speaking, storing fat for survival could mean life or death if we still lived like our ancestors in prehistoric times.

Blast Belly Fat For Good

Getting Rid of Belly Fat

Struggling with abdominal fat? Who isn’t! But the answer to getting rid of the fat around your midsection is not more crunches – it’s something entirely different that takes a very specific approach…