January 2011 Newsletter

It’s a New Year for Resolutions! The evening when I make that New Year’s resolutions is one of my favorite moments in the year. It feels magical because it’s a time when people set a special intention, a deep desire to be the better version of themselves or put into motion a dream or wish that could mean serious personal achievement. The New Year’s ritual opens up your mind. For one evening you can see that life is really full of possibilities and that’s exciting!

So with this newsletter, I’ll leave you with three concepts to keep in mind as you stay on steady course and meet whatever goals you’ve set for this year: gratitude, enthusiasm, and relaxation.

Each morning feel gratitude for having the option to change your life – simply because you want to and can! Stay enthusiastic for your goal that will keep you steadfast and in hot pursuit of it. Find ways to incorporate relaxation and the ability to let go of worries, stress, and other thoughts that might derail you from goal.

14-Day Kick Start Weight Loss Program Launched

Not sure what to cook tonight, but craving something that won’t blast your healthy New Year’s resolutions? Or maybe you’re looking for a program to rehab those bad eating habits that sabotage your intentions to lose weight and look great? My new plan, 14-Day Kick Start Weight Loss Program, will not only give you access to two weeks worth of delicious and healthy meals with all the nutritional info, but you’ll also get skinny secrets to help you break bad eating habits forever. Plus, there’s still time to get in on my next webinars…

Happy and Healthy Cooking,

Jennifer Iserloh

Blog Posts From November/December 2010


Healthy Comfort Foods

Can comfort food actually be good for you? That’s the question I discussed in this segment on ‘Better TV’ – and demonstrated with healthy comfort food classics like mac and cheese and chili.

Learn How To 14-Day Kick Start Weight Loss Program

Weight Loss Program On CTS TV

When you want to lose weight, going on a diet is the worst thing you could do! Yes, I know, it sounds totally crazy, so watch my recent appearance on CTS Canada. I am also going to open the doors to my brandnew 14-Day Kick Start Weight Loss Program™ program officially on January 4, but you can get a sneak peek here…


Ditch The Diets and Still Lose Weight

Start your healthy weight loss with the delicious 14-day meal plan developed by professional chef Jennifer Iserloh – unlike other plans, 14-Day Kick Start Weight Loss Program contains the mental preparation, tools, knowledge and recipes to make this your last diet EVER and to kick it all off, we’ll start with these six videos.

Simple Roast Chicken

Simple Roast Chicken in 4 Steps

earning to comfort yourself in healthy ways is one of my key philosophies to living well. Home-made food is the best way to do that, take a simple roast chicken for example. What is the key to pulling off a flavorful, moist roast chicken? It’s as easy as 1-2-3 or rather 1-2-3-4. Follow this easy guide to get it right, each and every time.


Christmas Eggnog and Gingerbread Cookies

Join me for a date to learn about everyday healthy cooking. In this sixth episode of ‘Food Courting’, we’re going to prepare two tasty Christmas treats: Gingerbread cookies, and velvety egg nog. Not only do they taste better than the store bought version, but they’ll be a whole lot healthier.


Pot Luck Party

When I think of a potluck, I always think of retro parties, house wives in crinoline skirts and homemade martinis. Some say that the term potluck comes from an unexpected guest who shows up for dinner and gets the luck of the pot. The key to making a great potluck meal? I think it’s a one-pot dish that is filling and hearty enough to feed a crowd… so check out my favorites in this post.


Healthy Bacon Egg Cheese Sandwich

We all feel rushed in the morning, getting to work on time, getting the kids out the door, and it might seem more convenient to buy your breakfast, including the hot coffee, on the road. But, it isn’t. In this fifth episode of ‘Food Courting’, I’m going to show you to make the healthier version that’s going to get your day off to a guilt-free start.

holiday budget tips

Holiday Budget Tips

With the growing cost of groceries, many people are concerned that feeding their family healthy meals can be a balancing game between choosing nutritious food and keeping the bill collectors away. So why not cook you comfort favorites the skinny way and save on grocery bills in the process? In this post, I’ll share insights that every restaurant chef knows, and that you can apply right away…

Food Drug Interactions

How Foods And Drugs Collide

Grapefruit juice and St. John’s Wort, a popular herbal supplement, have something in common: Both interfere with the activity of some prescription drugs. But these aren’t the only ones – milk thistle and leafy greens can do the same as an excellent article in the September 27 issue of C&EN points out.


One Cookie, Five Ways

Nothing says Christmas like sugar cookies decorated just in time for Santa. So in the December 2010 issue of SELF magazine, I gave this classic sweet a few tasty twists. I started with one base sugar cookie dough, then added various yummy ingredients – think chocolate, coconut, pumpkin and mint – to develop five fun new recipes. Best of all, each treat is fewer than 55 calories a pop, so you can savor two or three guilt-free.

How To Ween Yourself Off Soda

Make Your Own Soda

I was having lunch with a good friend last week – an avid runner that eats a nutritious diet based primarily on fresh veg and lean protein. As the waitress approached, she nervously shuffled her menu and suddenly blurted out, ‘I have a soda addiction!’ I couldn’t help but giggle at her guilty confession, her ‘dark’ sugary secret. Goodness knows I’ve struggled with soda and sugar addiction myself, so I totally understand how hard it can be to kick it. But beyond the feelings we might attach to soda or sugar habits, let’s take a closer took at the pros and cons of soda.


Fast and Flavorful Side Dishes

I want to start eating more vegetables! That’s what many of my friends say – but with hectic works schedules, kids and households to care for, it can be tough to squeeze it all in. Yet getting more veggies onto your dinner table can be effortless when you learn to switch up the flavor profile and keep it fresh. Take these four scrumptious flavorings – garlic, ginger, onion and salsa – that you can mix and match (or find your own favorites)…

jalapeno chili

Cooking With Jalapeno

Jalapenos, also known as the ‘fat chili’ (or chili gordo), hails from the Mexican town Jalapa. Jalapenos can range from mild to hot, making them a good ‘starter chili’ for those who want add more liveliness to their dishes, but are newbies to fiery capsaicin. So find out what to look out for, and select Skinny Chef recipes with Jalapenos.

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