Citrus Almond Chicken

Citrus Almond ChickenCitrus works as a natural appetite suppressor and goes great with this crunchy, quick to make chicken cutlet coated with heart healthy almonds.

Marinate the chicken overnight in fresh lemon juice to get the best results. Find out more about the health benefits of grapefruit.

Serves 4


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  1. Loved the dressing, but the almond/whole wheat mixture that was on the chicken fell off as soon as it was turned, and in the pan I used (skillet)burned very quickly. Heat should be lower or most likely should only be cooked in a nonstick frying pan. I also was not happy with the intense lemon flavor of the chicken, so would leave off the lemon extract, or seriously reduce it. The salad and dressing was a keeper though! Will make that part again and throw chopped roasted almonds in with the salad!

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