Herbed Leg of Lamb

Herbed Leg of LambMy Granny used to cook a large leg of lamb every year for our large Easter gathering, along with small roasted red potatoes.

She would set the table with a basket centerpiece that displayed her antique collection of hand carved, wooden Ukrainian eggs brought back from her travels around the world.

Serves 4



  1. Jennifer, This is an excellent news letter. I used to go to my roommate’s home for Easter when I was in grad school. As a Chinese, i truely enjoyed and will always remember the leg of lamb cooked by her Greek mother. I will try to see if i can follow your receipe this Easter. Thanks for your lovely website. Julia Tan

  2. Could it be that the sheep in Argentina are grass fed like they are in Australia as opposed to being grain feed like the cows are in the United States? If the sheep are also being grain fed in the States that could epxialn the difference in the taste between US and Argentinian lamb. Grass fed livestock are actually more healthier to eat than their grain fed counterparts but the grain fed ones yield more meat per kilo and represent a better investment to multinational corporations like the ones who control the United States food supply.

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