Luscious Leftovers

Flank Steak LeftoversI don’t know what to have for dinner” I hear all the time, but cooking at home doesn’t mean that you have to make everything completely from scratch. Tossing out food is of course wasteful, but it’s also a missed opportunity to have a fast mess-free meal that you can put together in minutes.

When some people think of leftovers, you might be thinking of soggy salad or mushy pasta – but flank steak holds up well until the next day and tastes great cold or even at room temperature. Just remember to slice only what you’ll eat for dinner when you initially grill your steak – the cooked left-over meat stores much better if it’s not sliced.

Get my ideas for leftovers with flank steak including:


  1. I agree!

    My husband loves to grill a steak on Sundays, and he always cooks too much. (I think he does that on purpose!) It is so easy and economical to use the leftover steak for burritos or, my favorite, steak sanwiches. In summertime, I sometimes slice it thin and make a steak salad. Super yummy!

  2. Smart guy! Add some cooked greens and you have another meal!

  3. I think 5 hours would be too long, but these apples do heat up nicely!

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