Healthy Spreads for Superbowl Sunday

Check out my article in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette on ‘Healthy Spreads for Superbowl Sunday’ – featuring two delicious recipes from my ‘Secrets of a Skinny Chef’ cookbook.

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Interview

Last week, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette’s Gretchen McKay interviewed me ahead of an event this week where I will be speaking. The interview was an opportunity to share my journey into the culinary world.

Fitness Pays Off, Some Chefs Discover

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette recently interviewed me, asking if chefs in the restaurant business exercise and if they care about staying fit. For people with physically demanding jobs, I think they need to exercise just like everyone else – and a lot of my friends in the restaurant business are curious about yoga and how it could potentially help them to withstand the grueling hours in the kitchen.