Archives for December 2009

How to Open a Champagne Bottle

Beautifully bubbly, champagne makes any special occasion better and a simple meal festive. In today’s post, I’m going to tell you how to safely pop the cork and look like a pro at your next party.

Breakfast for Dinner

Ever get a wicked craving for eggs and bacon in the evening? You can make breakfast for dinner and savor all those filling breakfast and brunch foods, but if you do it smart there is no reason to skimp on the nutrition!


Did you know that cinnamon comes from the bark of a tree? And could you name the two varieties most prevalent in the United States? – No? Well, it’s time to find out! Learn about its health benefits and several marvelous uses of cinnamon in your kitchen in this extensive post.

Yoga Boot Camp Intensive

Looking forward to being fitter in the New Year? Yoga Boot Camp Intensive, With Lots of TLC (Tender Loving Core) combines elements of yoga, calisthenics, physical therapy and stress reduction.


Most yoga students who have been practicing yoga for more than five years begin to realize that learning about yoga and the science of how it strengthens the body really never ends – that’s the fun of it!

Your Inner Skinny

Want to find why attitude has such a big affect on the way you look and feel physically? Aimed at changing self-defeating attitudes along with self-destructive eating habits, ‘Your Inner Skinny’ by Joy Bauer does just that! It covers every detail critical to the transformation process to having healthy habits that can you keep for a lifetime.

Grown-Up Pizza Party for Entertaining

Pizza dough is a staple in my freezer. I entertain often and while most store-bought versions are good, I’m hooked on the taste of this homemade recipe. And for cocktail parties, mini homemade pizzas are easy to make and are elegant enough for your buffet table.

Health Heroes Interview with Jennifer Iserloh

Diet Detective Charles Stuart Platkin, star of WE tv’s series ‘I Want to Save Your Life’ recently interviewed me as part of his series of ‘Health Heroes Interviews’. Platkin is one of the country’s leading nutrition and public health advocates with a nationally syndicated newspaper column.