Archives for January 2010

Cooking With Ginger

Ginger is the base for this really aromatic chai tea recipe I developed for AOL. Hot, spicy and astringent, it adds a great deal of flavor to every beverage or dish, and the root can keep for weeks chilled in your vegetable drawer.

Skinny Chef on NBC’s LX New York

In this segment, which aired live on Monday, January 25, 2010 on NBC’s LX New York At Five, I showcased two quick and healthy recipes with host Sara Gore. Watch the video…

Whole Grains On A Budget

How can you get more whole grains into your diet? It’s easier than ever before even if you don’t cook. It’s all about choice – and there are so many new, deliciously healthy whole grain products out there.

Hot Drinks To Keep The Chill Off

Nothing will keep you cozier during the last months of winter as a warm, well-spiced drink. We all know that teas, spices and and dark bitter chocolate carry many health benefits, but they also taste delicious – and drinks are fast, easy and portable even for those with busy work schedules.

Body Beautiful Tune-Up Workshop

Jennifer and Suzanne will show how changing bad habits is easier than you think. It just takes a little attention and a few fast and easy tips and tricks that will help eliminate bad eating habits and enhance your body image…

Four Superfoods For Winter

Want to make your winter meals tastier by using foods that can perk up your meals and protect your health? Here are four superfoods that you should give a second look.

Getting More Grapefruit

It’s easy to make healthy eats taste great when you cook with seasonal ingredients. Grapefruit is a wonderful example, and you’re in luck because it’s in season right now. Why not try my Grapefruit Bellini or Teriyaki Salmon Skewers?

Healthy Eating Tips: Freezer Refresh

Revamping what’s in your freezer can result in huge health benefits – in my latest video on AOL, I share smart staple swaps to keep your family well-fed and feeling fantastic.