4 Ways to Eat Better at Work

eating better at workStep away from the vending machine! We have 4 tips to help you stay healthy during office hours.

As you peer down at your computer screen, you can’t help but notice that the office is relatively empty. You then hear that famous song, and realize that the entire office celebrating someone’s birthday… yet again.

With these break room festivities come delicious frosted cupcakes, creamy ice cream cake, and other unhealthy choices. Doughnuts and coffee, pizza for the entire department…those treats add up quickly.

While celebrating birthdays, company anniversaries, new babies and promotions is a great way to break up the monotony of your work day, it can come at a price to your diet. Luckily, there are some ways to partake in the fun, without breaking your calorie bank.

Drink Plenty Of Water

While this tip may sound boring, water is a craving cure. Oftentimes, people who think they’re hungry are actually just thirsty, so making a trip to the water fountain and refilling your water bottle may actually help you curb your munchies. If you think water is boring, you can steep some herbal tea or throw in lemons, limes or cucumbers to make hydrating more interesting.

Pack Snacks From Home

You most likely have multiple desk drawers, right? Well, designate one of them for snacks. There is nothing worse than trying to get work done with all you can think about are the candies in a bowl on a co-workers’ desk. If you bring your own good-for-you-treats such as almonds, Gobi berries, apples or even a few dark chocolate Hershey’s kisses, you most likely won’t hear those mini Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups calling your name.

Eat A Hearty Breakfast

What would you rather have? Scrambled eggs, whole-wheat toast and fresh berries, or a stale granola bar from the vending machine? Of course, you’d rather have the complete meal. And it’s best choice because it is a balanced meal of carbohydrates, protein and a little fat. This macronutrient combination is known to suppress your hunger for far longer than a sugar-filled goodie from your office snack machine. So take a little time each morning to prepare your own special breakfast, and you’ll stay full until lunchtime.

Pack Mini Meals If You Don’t Have Time For Lunch

When the phrase, “so little time, so much to do” becomes your norm, you typically forgo your midday meal. This is a recipe for disaster because you’ll most likely break into the stash of snacks in the break room or pull out money for the vending machine. Instead, try planning out mini meals at home that you can take to work with you and eat while getting the job done. After all, going to the vending machine takes up more time than pulling a go-to snack out from your bag or desk drawer. Try stashing half an avocado, a little hummus and carrots and bell pepper sticks in little plastic bags. Or, try some cut-up fruit or high-protein Greek yogurt. All of these foods are easily transportable and are delicious plain or sprinkled with a little salt, cinnamon or a teaspoon of peanut butter.

So the next time a co-worker brings in a cake for a birthday celebration, or some warm poppy-seed muffins for breakfast, you’ll be fully prepared to take them on with a full and happy belly that doesn’t need any unhealthy food.

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