5 Easy Ways To Cut A 100 Calories

As many of you know, I also have a regular column on Prevention.com — and their team recently switched to a new platform. So enjoy the latest round of posts closing out Summer and getting back to school with easy ways to cut a 100 calories…

Slimmer BBQ

Healthier BBQSummer time eats can seem a lot lighter than they are — and you might think you’re doing your waistline a favor by having that grilled chicken instead of a scoop of potato salad. But chicken drenched in oil, can mean hundreds of extra calories because it’s high in fat, even though it might be the good kind! Here are 5 easy ways to cut a 100 calories or more off all your grill top favorites.

Yummy Tummy Foods

Flat Belly FoodsIf you’re anything like me, you suffer from puffy belly from time to time. There are many reasons why you might experience bloating, that could range from food allergies, to IBS, or even a undiagnosed condition like Celiac’s Disease. But there are easy ways to give your digestive system a helping hand. Here are three of my top yummy food ideas for a flatter tummy.

Fast Back to School Meals

Making Back To School HealthierWhen I was a kid, the prospect of a brand new backpack, new friends, and a stack of freshly sharpened pencils always got me excited for the first day of school. But now that I’m older, September means getting more organized to handle a heavier work load and setting up my fall and winter pantry.

So what are your resolutions for the back-to-school season? Let me know in the comments below…

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