Body Beautiful Tune-Up Workshop

Body Beautiful Tune-Up Food and Fitness WorkshopThis Food & Fitness Workshop will help eliminate bad eating habits and enhance your body image through a healthy blend of advice and instruction from Jennifer Iserloh, the Skinny Chef, and Suzanne Ausnit, founder of Full Potential Yoga.

Jennifer and Suzanne will show how changing bad habits is easier than you think. It just takes a little attention and a few fast and easy tips and tricks.

The Workshop Will Demonstrate How:

    Body Beautiful Tune-Up Food and Fitness Workshop

  • Subtle changes in your diet will make a big impact in how you feel and how you look, reducing puffiness and bloating.
  • Changing the way you breathe can totally change your attitude towards your body.
  • Making over your body starts with a make-over for your fridge and your office desk drawer.
  • The quality of the food you eat will impact your insides, affecting how you look on the outside.
  • Yoga poses can reduce excessive puffiness, bloating and constipation due to poor digestion and PMS.
  • Specific breathing and mantra meditation techniques can keep a sweet tooth in check.
  • Bad eating habits can be eliminated by learning the secret of making good-for-you foods taste delicious.
  • Spot-toning exercises can tighten thick thighs, chicken wings underarms, dumpy derrieres and jiggly jelly bellies.

About Your Instructors

Suzanne AusnitAfter 20 years as an editor and journalist covering food, health and travel, Suzanne Ausnit devoted the last 11 years to teaching yoga, breath therapy, and injury rehabilitation.
Jennifer IserlohJennifer Iserloh, the Skinny Chef, is a trained chef who has appeared in print, radio and television. A private chef for internationally known celebrities, she has the secret to comforting meals made healthier and healthy fare made tastier.

Workshop Date and Venue

Sunday, February 28, 2010; 12:30 – 3:30 PM
537 Park Avenue, Hoboken, NJ 07030

Registration Information

Workshop fee: $85 (includes food samples and light lunch)

Space is limited. To reserve your spot, participants must register in advance with Suzanne ([email protected], 973-204-0929) or Jennifer ([email protected]).

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