Chili Cook Off

Hoboken VolunteerI love chili, earthy, sweet, smoked, and spicy hot – the whole range, made with ground turkey, beef or beans. I love them all. So when Hoboken Volunteers was hosting a benefit for Haiti and asked me to be a judge, I was happy to join the panel!

We had 15 contestants, with 15 very different flavors and ingredients, from cumin to cinnamon, turkey, vegetables crumbles, beans, and even filet mignon.

But at the end of the competition, the real talent always comes through, no matter the protein or which spice was sprinkled. As it turned out, the ladies with the veggie crumbles and a couple with beef rated at the top! Many many congrats chili winners and kudos to all the contestants who came out to support the Hoboken Volunteers. Find out more on how to volunteer.

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