3 Ways To De-Stress At Home

Yesterday, I was Christmas shopping in the rain. It was one of the windiest days we’ve had to date. Half way down the street, one of the spokes on my umbrella busted loose as this rain-soaked gust of wind hit my paper shopping bag.

“I hate Christmas Shopping” I thought and the bag tore down the center. I just wanted to be home with a hot cup of tea, bad! But the thought of my next stop perked me up. And besides, it was just a short walk from the subway station, a coffee shop that’s a real treat for the nose, one of my favorite shops in the city: Porto Rico Imports. They carry an incredible display of rich coffees, exotic teas, and every tool imaginable to make your brew.

Just standing there, smelling all those fragrant scents, fruit, chocolate, cinnamon, and many others made me feel better. So I started to think of the easiest ways to de-stress besides taking an hour-long yoga class or going to a spa.

I think this is the time you need to de-stress more than over. The holiday season is particularly stressful for a lot of people because they have additional load of buying gifts, hosting dinners, and making travel plans on top of their regular work load.

Soothing yourself, the best and easiest way to decrease stress can be easy, in fact as easy as brewing a delicious hot pot of coffee, warming up a home-made soup, or boiling water for an aromatic tea.

Sip It

I love coffee and my picks are the French Guatemalan and if you like flavored coffee you’ll dig the French Chocolate Cinnamon.

Tea is also tops when it comes to healthy ingredients, and they’ve got plenty to choose from. My favorites are Spicy Cinnamon Orange and Supreme Peppermint Herbal. I’m also a huge fan of Rooibus tea and Beecher’s Coffee has a stellar selection as well as delicious coffees, all with free shipping.

Soothing Soup

Healthy soups made at home are not only low-fat but they contain a lot of things that store bought, processed foods don’t, like vital vitamins and minerals in fresh ingredients such as vegetables and lean protein. Here are some soups that you can make ahead of time to have on hand whenever you need to calm hunger with a warm, comforting meal…


  1. Agree! Coffee and thick chunky soups are my comfort when the holiday frenzy and the cold stress me.

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