In Granny’s Kitchen #5: Fixing Kitchen Disasters

Granny and I share our easy techniques and tips to rescue meals before they get to the dinner table. Find out how to keep sour cream from curdling and how to fix a salty soup!

Fixing Kitchen Disasters

About the Series

In The Kitchen With GrannyIn Granny’s Kitchen is an on-going series of taped conversations that take place at Granny’s kitchen table, in the house where I grew up. Listen to our kitchen talk focused on family traditions, rituals, and how the quality of food has changed since Granny was a girl growing up in the Depression era.

Learn what Granny did to keep the close connection to her family, friends, and neighbors and how her traditional views on food shaped my own philosophy on health and well-being.

She’ll even share her savory recipes and cooking tips from over 50 years as a seasoned home-cook.

Produced by Jennifer Iserloh and Skinny Chef Culinary Ventures. Mixed and edited by Ulrich Iserloh and Bright Launch.

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