Easy Mother’s Day Brunch

eggs-n-kale1-610x406Mother’s Day is rapidly approaching. What better way to say “I love you” than with homemade brunch that will knock her socks off and make her feel appreciated and pampered.

Here’s a list of incredibly easy ideas of how to make a fast bunch that looks gourmet but couldn’t be simpler.

Serve It Sunny Side Up Or Scrambled

If your mom is a big fan of eggs, try this delicious and super healthy take on eggs sunny side up with kale. It takes less then 10 minutes to make.

Or make her a simple scramble that you can make in minutes: Crack your eggs into a medium bowl (if you want to make your scrambled eggs lower in fat, use one yolk for every three egg whites). Whisk with a few spoons of milk or plain non-fat yogurt. Add salt, pepper, and a pinch of paprika. Coat an cast-iron or ceramic coated skillet with non-stick cooking spray and heat over high heat.

Add the egg mixture and reduce the heat to medium. With a fork or a heat-proof spatula, slowly mix the eggs in the skillet until soft, cooked “curds” start to form. Add any toppings. Continue to slowly turn the eggs until they are cooked through, about 1 to 2 minutes total. Sprinkle with grated cheese if desired the serve immediately.

Have other sides already prepped, like crisp bacon, a little thinly sliced smoked salmon with chopped chives or cream cheese, and a steaming pot of coffee or tea. Set the table with a flower bouquet for mom to take home later or have a goodie bag already made up with some of these lovely beauty products that mom can spoil herself with.

Made Ahead With Love

lemon-poppyseedPresent mom with a continental-style breakfast that you can prep well before her arrival. Do a basket of healthier, lower-cal muffins that you can mix-and-match in a cute basket.

Choose from cranberry orange, lemon poppy seed or pear hazelnut muffins!

Make a half batch of two different flavors for variety and bake them off the day before, cool them, and store in a zipper lock bag until you’re ready to serve. Before serving, transfer the muffins to a baking dish or cookie sheet and warm for 10 minutes in a preheated 300°F oven.

Serve muffins with local honey, low-sugar jam, softened butter, a bowl of fresh fruit salad, a small selection of cheese, toast, and a hot pot of tea or coffee, brewed fresh when she arrives.

Elegant Savory Brunch

salmon-salad-nicoise1Since brunch has one foot in breakfast and one in lunch, you can start mom off with this 100-calorie coffee drink,then serve up one of these tasty salads like savory citrus almond chicken, prosciutto wrapped chicken (that you can serve over arugula), tempting salmon salad or this tangy watermelon feta salad.

Both chicken dishes or salmon can be cooked one hour ahead and served room temperature over greens. If your greens aren’t pre-washed, you can crisp them the day before. Just wash your greens in cold water, drain and wrap in paper towels. Transfer with paper towels into a zipper lock bag, then transfer to your crisper and use within three days. For the watermelon salad, prep all the ingredients, then top with feta and toss before serving.

Tea Time Sweet Treats Mom Will Love

cashew-cookieWant to extend the day and have tea time later in the afternoon or surprise mom after a fun day of shopping? Pick one of these sweets to plate up when you reach home. Serve up a small glass of chilled prosecco or champagne to make it extra special!

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