Fantasy Kitchen

What would you do to your kitchen if you had carte blanche to redesign it? If you’re anything like me, you’ve definitely spent a good deal of time dreaming of your fantasy kitchen, so let’s have some fun today and window shop!

Turn Up the Heat

Textured Copper HoodWhile teaching at my alma mater, the Institute of Culinary Education, I worked on BlueStar stoves — stoves tough enough to take the wear and tear of constant cooking. The first thing I noticed was the way the burners light instantly (unlike other brands) — in fact I was really impressed by the the power of these burners with up to 24000 BTUs that can also easily go to a gentle simmer.

Ever struggle to get a large baking sheet into the oven? You won’t with BlueStar, they have the largest oven capacity available, and can fit up to a full size commercial 18″x 26″ baking sheet. They’re also available in 750+ colors and finishes, my favorite is the sharp-looking textured copper finish.

So Cool!

FridgeThese funky 1950’s style fridges look exactly like the real McCoy I grew up with in my Granny’s kitchen. I’ve got my eye on the Jadite green studio size which would be compact size.

Whether you’re looking for modern amenities or flexible storage space, this fridge is a good fit. Choose from eight standard colors or 200 custom colors. They also come in many hip colors, heck, you can even match them to your favorite counter top mixer!

Become a Food Scientist

sous-videSous-vide, French for “under-vacuum” — is an innovative cooking technique in which food is vacuum-sealed and slow-cooked in a water bath at a constant, very precise low temperature until it’s perfectly cooked through. No other cooking method produces such consistently excellent textures and flavors, or maintains the natural integrity of foods!

It’s not just a high-tech instrument used in top restaurants anymore, they now have the home version, no cooking knowledge required. You can even do baby food and a steak at the same time. So easy, just pack the ingredients into separate bags and place in the pre-heated water bath. Step away to catch up on your to-do-list and the buzzer will let you know when dinner is served! Are you a serious foodie fanatic? Then the online sous-vide course is for you!

Power Blend

vitamixNot all blenders are created the same — in fact not even close! Think of Vitamix as the Brad Pitt of blenders! Blend soups to ultra smooth silkiness. Love smoothies but tired of cleaning out the veggie fibers that get stuck around the blade? Not anymore! Vitamix has a killer blade and motor that can break down just about anything. You can even make incredible instant ice cream made from nuts and frozen fresh fruits.


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  2. Great question, what would I do with my kitchen. The kitchen is the worst room in my house and there is nothing I love better than cooking and baking. It becomes difficult because I don’t even have proper countertops. Mine are just plywood. My cupboards are mismatched and the glass on my oven is broken. I love the old 50’s look, so I might try to design around that but I want the very best in stove and oven. I would love to have all white matching kitchen cabinets, some with exposed glass to show off my fancy dinnerware and antiques. Anyway, it’s all just a dream, but dreams help us deal with reality. 🙂

  3. I just saw the textured copper. Wow! That and all white or off white stressed cabinets. Awesome. Not sure what I’d do with the flooring and behind the stove and sinks. Dark floors i would think. Sinks of course, copper too. Maybe brick backsplash? If I was rich, I’d be gutting my kitchen right now. Lol

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