Five Easy Ways to Get Green in the Kitchen

Mixed GreensIf you want to help protect the environment and save money at the same time- you don’t have to go to extremes. I really believe that every little bit helps so here are my top 5 painless ways for being green. It’s easy to care about the environment while you cook!

Tip 1. Be a Local Yocal. Visit your local farmers market. Fresh vegetables from the farmer’s market actually last longer since they didn’t have to travel across the miles to get to your kitchen. Not only do they last longer, but they also aren’t doused with preservatives and chemicals, such as nitrogen, so you are eating the true blue, not a genetically modified version. Supporting locally grown foods protects our farming industry and saves on serious fuel cost and pollution.

Tip 2. Beauty Starts at Home. Be beautiful at home. Craving that spa salt scrub that you saw at the salon? Why not save on those pricey concoctions and cut down on kitchen waste at the same time? Want to use up that last bit of mayonnaise or honey? Make a mask! Instead of tossing out those grapefruit rinds – make your own body scrub! There are endless ways to avoid waste and beautify yourself at the same time!

Tip 3. Reuse it or Lose it! It’s easy to recycle zipper lock bags as well as plastic grocery bags. If you forgot your reusable cloth bag when you go grocery shopping, be sure to get the most from those disposable plastic bags! Here are a few ideas: Use the plastic bags as trash can liners, as wet-bathing suit carriers, as dirty laundry bags when you travel or to prevent defrosting items from leaking in your fridge. Most important, remember to throw them in the recycle, not the trash bin.

As for those zipper lock bags, I know some of you do it. Admit it, you recycle zipper lock bags and that is great! Why not? If the bag is in good shape and didn’t contain raw meat, it is easy to rinse out and reuse. It’s one more way to do your part in reducing your carbon footprint!

Lavender for SaleTip 4. Eat More Veggies, less meat. Eating more veggies will not only reduce your waistline, but it will also help the environment. While we all love our burgers from time to time, raising beef is a serious strain on natural resources like water and grain. Furthermore, 18% of our greenhouse gas emissions come from livestock- that is even more than transportation! Just cutting back on meat to once a week could mean a lot for your health and the environment. For more information check out these great videos!

Tip 5. Slow Down on Fast Food. Cutting back on fast food can do you and the world a lot of good! It takes a lot of energy to produce the packaging and containers used in the fast food industry, not to mention all the machines, fuel, and man labor it takes to create processed food. Just scaling back on prepackaged snacks and fast food that’s saturated with grease and salt will help keep your health and the environment in check. Got a blender? Learn to make it fast in your own kitchen. A blender is one of the many great kitchen tools that will help you speed up for your food! Smoothies, slushies, creamy soups– all foods you can find at a fast food restaurant- can easily be made fast and ‘skinny’ at home!

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