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When the weather just gets too hot to bear and you hide inside with the air conditioners blasting, it’s a great chance to catch up on movies. So pop some popcorn and settle in front of the TV. With a rash of food movies in recent years, like “No Reservations”, “Ratatouille”, and now “Julie and Julia”, I thought I’d mention a few that have become classics in my collection.

ChocolatWho knew that chocolate could turn a town upside down and inspire so much love and freedom? That’s exactly what happens in Chocolat starring Juliette Binoche (as the spunky Vienne Rocher) and her love interest “Roux” played by the delicious Johnny Depp.

like water for chocolateLike Water for Chocolate, based on the book by Mexican novelist Laura Esquivel, is an oldie but goody – a foodie version of Cinderella. A girl separated form her true love finds a way to transmit her feelings through the art of fine cuisine: quail with rose petal sauce never looked so good!

FatsoFatso, starring Dom DeLuise, is a brilliant flick from the 70’s that is a cult classic in my family because we can relate! Ann Bancroft, who wrote and directed it, plays his hot-headed sister and has several hilarious meltdowns that included 40 Chinese dinners that go missing and a half-eaten birthday cake!

Mostly MarthaYou might know the American counterpart “No Reservations”, but I think the original German production Mostly Martha is better at showcasing the truly obsessed chef/perfectionist Martha. My favorite scene is where she plunges a knife into a table after diners complain that their steak isn’t properly cooked.

SidewaysSideways, with the loveable Paul Giamatti who portrays a wine guy, or “oenophile” as they call them, down on his luck – planned the film that single-handedly made Pinot Noir the most sought after wine since Merlot. Heck, I remember when I was a teen and pink Zinfandel reigned supreme, thank goodness those days are over.

Fried Green TomatoesA story about empowerment and real “girl power”, Fried Green Tomatoes inspired me to try my hand at writing and making fried green tomatoes. Two women find independence and love as they team up to run the “whistle stop café” where they dole out the crispy delights and the best barbeque in town.

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