Four Superfoods For Winter

Grapefruit BreakfastWant to make your winter meals tastier by using foods that can perk up your meals and protect your health? Here are four superfoods that you should give a second look.

Grapefruit | Sweet & Tart

Juicy, tart, sweet, and refreshing, delicious grapefruit keeps you beautiful, inside and out! I use it in my kitchen because it’s easy to find year round and I love its versatile flavor. If you haven’t tasted pink Grapefruit in a while, you should try it again, as they are breeding it to taste sweeter. It’s a rich source of Vitamin C which is a powerful antioxidant and can help fight the aging process. Maintain that glowing complexion, protect gums for a gorgeous smile and help to lower cholesterol by including it in your diet. Find out more about Grapefruit and how to add it to your diet

Chilies | Hot & Savory

I am a huge fan of spicy hot chili peppers. When it comes to adding a little heat and whole lot of flavor to food with zero fat, no processed sugars, and hardly any calories at all – chilies are a one of my best friends! The best way to incorporate chilies into your diet is to go fresh and use them in healthy, home-cooked meals. If you know you can’t take the “heat”, start with milder chili like jalapeño and slowly work your way up. Removing the seeds and the white membrane from inside of a fresh chili can make it more mild. Check out my Hell’s Kitchen Chili

Quinoa | Creamy

Quinoa, sometimes called a whole grain, is actually the seed of a green leafy plant that is still cultivated in South America. Revered by the ancient aztecs as a source of energy for their fearless warriors, chefs and home cooks now admire it for its mild taste and creamy texture. Cooking quinoa is as easy as cooking rice, only faster. Rinse it first, under cold water to help remove a natural compound that can make it bitter. Some brands of quinoa are “pre-washed” so check the label before rinsing. Read more …

Cinnamon | Luscious

Many people know that cinnamon comes from the bark of a tree, but there are actually two types of cinnamon bark that we see in this country. The one originating in Ceylon (that’s Sri Lanka now) is called the “true” cinnamon from the ancient world and is still used and cultivated in Mexico. Ground cinnamon has a naturally sweet flavor that is sugar free. Sprinkle it on cooked oatmeal, quinoa, or cream of wheat for a flavorful whole grain breakfast that is sugar free. Find out about the many uses of cinnamon in the kitchen…

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