What’s Your Greatest Challenge With Healthy Eating?


During a recent seminar, I asked participants about their greatest challenges when it comes to healthy eating. Mind you, I asked about healthy eating — but for many, healthy eating was inextricably linked to healthy cooking as the answers showed:

  • “It takes too long to cook.”
  • “Finding easy healthy meals to prepare on a daily basis.”
  • “Don’t know what to make.”
  • “Don’t know what is healthy.”
  • “Easier to eat out or order in.”
  • “Limiting the amount of sugar and salt.”

No Time To Make Healthy Meals That Also Taste Great?

Bored with CookingIt’s a familiar feeling for way too many Americans: not knowing which foods to cook, not feeling comfortable in your kitchen, or just being bored of the dishes they cook on a regular basis. Perhaps it’s family members having various allergies that you need to contend with. Or having a fridge full of health foods like kale and not knowing what to do with them.

If one of these scenarios pertain to you, don’t let those keep you from becoming a whiz in the kitchen or placing a meal on the dinner table that makes your family cheer. There are plenty of easy, fast, delicious ways to cook foods that can not only help you accomplish your healthy eating goals but also bring about long-lasting positive effects on your health.

Looking For Better Nutrition That’s Also Tasty?

Superfoods are your key to getting all the nutrition you need with less calories and sugar. Superfoods are nutrient-dense, whole foods that have high amounts of micronutrients and other unique compounds that have incredibly healing potential like anti-cancer, anti-aging, and other compounds that detoxify your body.

Kale – Kale is a heavy-hitter when it comes to nutrition, it can lower cholesterol, improve mood and immunity as well as deliver good levels of over a dozen key nutrients. Getting kale in your diet is just a crunch away with these crispy kale chips. Did someone say snack time? If you’re more of a kale aficionado, then “50 Shades of Kale” might be more your speed.

Spinach – Eating spinach is like eating your A, B, C’s of nutrition because it contains high amount of those vitamins plus so much more! Like kale, spinach is pure brain food: Studies show that eating vitamin-rich leafy greens (like spinach) can reduce cognitive decline by 40%. The healing vitamins (like B-vitamins) help your cells repair DNA damage – of particular interest to cancer researchers. Animal studies show that spinach can stop carcinogens in their tracks.

Broccoli – Broccoli and kale have a superfood compound in common, sulforaphane that has been found to selectively target and kill cancer cells. Beyond cancer prevention, I consider broccoli to be a super beauty food since its high in vitamin C (a vital nutrient) that can also help to protect your skin from the harmful effects of wind and sun damage. Plus, broccoli is an excellent source of fiber that can help you feel fuller, aid in digestion and in effect trim your waistline.

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