Healthier Ways to Eat Meat

Cookout season is upon us! And grilling is one of the healthiest ways to make your meals, but if you’re looking for ways to eat meat in a healthier way, check out some of these tips along with yummy recipes.

Beef, Go Grassfed

As functional doctors will tell you, grassfed beef is the way to go if you eat red meat. Grassfed beef is richer in omega 3 fatty acids and has a richer taste. I like to combine it with other health promoting foods like mushrooms in a delicious mushroom burger. I’ve been doing grassfed for about two years now and I love the taste and supporting my local rancher. If you can’t find a local farm close to you that delivers grassfed cuts, check out this amazing delivery service that has a wide variety of grassfed, pasture raised, and organic meats.

Better Bacon and Chicken

pastured-chickenPasture raised bacon is a smarter way to go if you love bacon. Just like grassfed beef, studies show that pasture raised pigs and pigs that aren’t given commercial feed have a healthier fat profile. Same goes for chickens, if they are pasture raised, some research says their fat and vitamin make-up are much healthier compared to conventionally fed birds. Bacon is the perfect wrap for vegetables and lean meats like chicken. Using a few slices at only around 100 calories is an excellent way to flavor antioxidant rich foods like beans, take my refried beans recipe for a spin.

Proper Portion

“Get more protein” – I’m sure you’ve heard this as health advice however the average American gets more than enough! So scaling your meat portion can be the key to getting protein in the best possible way. Include a wide variety of foods are also protein rich like yogurt, beans, nuts and seeds, and even vegetables (kale is protein rich) so that you can get a more balanced array of vitamin and minerals. These foods can also help digestion, build your immune system, and provide more complete nutrition and more even energy throughout the day. So how does a day’s protein needs stack up? Most nutritionists recommend getting between 50 (for women) and 68 grams (for men) daily. A 4 to 6 ounce portion of meat is a good place to start, which is a small burger or chicken breast. Next snap on nuts or seeds, I recommend eating them daily for brain and heart health, 1 ounce (about 28 peanuts) contains 7 grams of protein. One cup of plain yogurt delivers around 10 grams and 1 egg 6 grams so you have lots of delicious options.

Make it Easy

Worried about how to source all your grassfed and pasture raised meats? Search out services that carry a wide variety for one-stop shopping to same time and energy. I like to stock my freezer so I everything on hand. The frozen meat are great for car travel and have a stock of variety means that my meals will never be boring. Many grocery delivery services also have access to grassfed and pasture raised that they will deliver right from the farm into your home. What’s for dinner tonight? Decide the night before so you have plenty of time to defrost your meat in your fridge over night. Serve your grilled or cooked meats with a simple salad and health condiments like salsa, pickles, olives, or other fermented foods.


  1. Are “pastry raised” chickens only fed pastries from the local boulangeries? 🙂 Hope you are doing well!

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