Be Healthy, Have Fun Every Day

Healthy LifestyleLeading a truly healthy life is more than just exercise and eating right, it’s about doing things that make life fun and interesting.

As a graduate of the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, I learned about primary food, or things that feed you beyond food — like your relationships, career, spirituality, and exercise routine. But for me, it goes much deeper than that: I believe you have to have passion in your life, and that can come from your career, the people in your life, your spiritual practice, or even some intense hobby.

Feed Your Soul

Feed Your SoulHave you secretly harbored a hope doing something you don’t have the nerve to do? Or perhaps you have a fantasy you’ve always wanted to realize? Mine used to be performing and acting in plays, but I was always so incredibly shy in my teens. So in my 20’s, I started to learn how to ballroom-dance, because dance is so dramatic and theatrical. My love of dance quickly turned into passion when I first saw tango. I’ve been dancing ever since.

Feed Your Relationship

Share a little of what you love with family and friends. Not everyone will want to share your hobbies and passions, but cooking healthy together is an amazing way to bond with those you love. Make an evening cooking ritual with your family or share cooking duties with your neighbors. If you’re the one who always cooks dinner, share the cooking duties. You’ll be more appreciated and it will give you time to chat and catch up without computers, TV, or phones getting in the way.

Feed Your Cravings and Live a Little!

Find little ways every day to treat yourself and have fun. Giving into craving the healthy way can be a great way to break up a hectic day and help to take off the pressures of daily life. Explore news books, new cool websites, new exercise routines, and amazing new exotic foods to delight yourself and add spice to life. Who knows, you might even find a new passion to help feed your soul and make life that much more exciting!

What Excites You?

What are you passionate about? Share it with everyone here in the Skinny Chef community… leave a comment below.

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