Healthy School Lunch Ideas

Healthy School LunchOne of my readers, Jim from Oregon, recently wrote me that he’s a stay-at-home dad and will be in charge of the kids’ school lunches this year. Kids can be really picky about what they eat, and most kids eat with their eyes. Making healthy lunches for your kids shouldn’t be a chore. These yummy foods look fun and are sized just for them, no cooking experience necessary!

Ham and Cream Cheese Pinwheels

Take a slice of whole wheat bread and remove the crusts – gently flatten it out and spread with a thin layer of cream cheese, a layer of baby spinach leaves and a slice of low-sodium ham. Spread the ham with another thin layer of cream cheese, then roll the bread and cut into four slices so you have pinwheels.

Egg Salad Pita

Take a hard boiled egg and roughly chop. Combine with plain yogurt and low-fat mayonnaise and stuff in to mini whole wheat pitas with chopped romaine lettuce and sliced tomatoes.

Veggie Skewers

Take plastic party picks and skewer each with a cube of mozzarella or cheddar cheese, then add defrosted mixed vegetables. No need to chop them, they’re already.

Here’s another great tip to make your kid’s favorite sandwich special – Just cut out food in any fun shapes, using a paring knife or cookie cutters. Get creative! Are they headed to the aquarium for a field trip? Cut out fish, starfish, or dolphin shapes. You can find cookie cutters for every holiday too! Animal cookie cutters are inexpensive and easy to use.

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