Holiday Budget Tips

Holiday Budget TipsWith the growing cost of groceries, many people are concerned that feeding their family healthy meals can be a balancing game between choosing nutritious food and keeping the bill collectors away. So why not cook you comfort favorites the skinny way and save on grocery bills in the process?

The key to saving on grocery: shop for less expensive, healthy items that you can use in several recipes. So there will be no long grocery lists and no waste, since you’ll use up ever bit of each items before it can spoil.

Holiday Budget Tips

Eating healthy doesn’t have to be complicated. Stick to healthy staples that you can use to cook many healthy family meals. What’s your top ten healthy staples list? I’d love to know, so leave your answer in the comments below.

The secret to saving money that every restaurant chef knows is never throw anything away! I use snack baggies that I recycle to freeze left-over tomato paste, chicken and beef broth, canned beans and canned fruit like pineapple, all inexpensive staples. Organic chicken broth and many gourmet chicken broth brands can be pricey. For the same cost you can make double the broth with my simple homemade chicken broth. Brew the broth and reserve the chicken meat for chicken enchiladas.

All these items can be used in other recipes, no shopping necessary. When it comes to making my bolognese, one can of tomato paste can go a long way and I even use the broccoli stalk chopped in my sauce to increase nutrition and the portion size.

Other Shopping Tips

  • Don’t buy things pre-sliced: a minute on the cutting board could save you $2.00! A good example of this is cored pineapple.
  • Mix healthy canned vegetables with fresh veggies can be expensive but don’t pass on the salad, mix several fresh salad items with inexpensive canned beans to add tons of fiber.


  1. Found you today while perusing the cookbook section, my favorite location! 🙂

    Items on my top ten healthy staples list?
    black, kidney, and garbanzo beans, canned tomatoes w/out salt or sugar, plenty of frozen veggies, ??

    As a type 2 diabetic, I’m a label reader, and as a flexitarian, meat doesn’t factor heavily into my eating, though the Hubs prefers chicken most nights, so preparing it is necessary.

    Glad I found you today! 🙂

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